Design Henge is a technology company that helps brands to create meaningful, personalized customer experiences for web, social and design in the field of information and technology. We have members of genius full-stack programmers, graphics designers, and marketing team.

It is a conclusion of years of mastering skills and working hand-in-hand with clients to maximize the investment in their online business efforts.

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Mane hub

If you believe there is a better way to find and book your hair and beauty services. More choice and the confidence to try new things. Here you get booking excellence, styling and wellbeing arrangements basic, easy and quick all day and all night. Manehub has helpful resources on its website if you have any queries about the beauty booking or appointments. You can check on their website


Our Designers have mastered in website designing and they will be references for you. Our multi-disciplinary approach is innovative and will help you to achieve your goals. With Design Henge you get to realize what is important to you.

Remarkable technology

We deliver a website that mirrors the uncompromised quality and remarkable technology

Upsurge Visitors

By providing the UI/UX designing it becomes more user-friendly and the growth of their visitors increase.

Increase Sales

Through a long-term partnership, Design Henge helped the Manehub team bring their business brand to life. This can help in maintaining motivation and increase Manehub sales.


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